My Mass Effect 3 Ending

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my me3 ending:

When you get hit by the harbinger’s ray, Commander Shepard actually gets teleported INTO the reaper. There’s a cut-scene, inside he is in a pool of blood and genetic material, turns out that the reapers actually harvest you even when they hit you with that laser, which is actually a mass-effect ray similar to the ones the relays create on jumps and to the conduit, only being selective to organic/inorganic material and working on a smaller distance. Shepard is not really wounded, but then the distinct very loud threatening buzz of Harbinger is heard, the sound is coming from above and is made by a system of rotating drills and grinding wheels that chops every organic body that has been recently teleported inside. Some really scary stuff happens next, Shepard gets really hurt by the grinding system, and he realizes that he must do something that is not intuitive. Instead of trying to get out of the pool (there is no way out), he swims to the bottom of it, and he finds some ducts that lead to some tubes similar with those that were found in the last me2 mission fuelling the human-reaper (this swimming could be made interactive, requiring the player to try to swim underwater in order not to die, although I don’t think there was any swimming in the entire game series).

When the grinding noise is heard again, the tubes become transparent, and Shepard uses his gun to break out of the one he is in, and gets into some weird dark room/place. Shepard manages to radio out and ask for assistance. Liara responds and is bewildered by the finding that Shepard is actually inside Harbinger. She says she received some of the plans that were drawn from the dead Destroyer Reaper on Rannoch, and she tries to extrapolate from those to find out what Shepard could do. Harbinger realizes what is happening and tries to indoctrinate Shepard: a lot of black tentacles on the sides of the screen, some cut-scene “dreams” where he sees the little boy being disappointed with Shepard, and asking him to join him etc. After he refuses the little boy in the “dream” (if he accepts it’s a mission failure), Shepard wakes up at the sound of the radio calling for him. Liara says there’s probably no way out from a reaper as it is obviously not necessary for it to have a crew, but if he crawls through some ‘power ducts’ he could get to its synthetic AI core, try to destroy it and then, with the help of the Omni-tool and EDI try to fly Harbinger’s body to the Citadel (in order to fire the Cruciable). Commander Shepard eventually manages to do that after walking through a maze where mass is variable (local mass effects are used to move the reaper’s body), solving some puzzles to get further access, battling some just produced Husks inside Harbinger, all while it is still trying to indoctrinate Shepard. As the reaper is made from dark matter (or something :D), it is semi-transparent from inside (explains Liara). During his travel through the reaper, Shepard can use ‘V’ to look at what is happening outside, and more people/fleets get killed if you had fewer War Assets, with Shepard commenting on these situations.

At the AI core he finds TIM totally indoctrinated (he says how he tried to communicate with Harbinger as soon as it got to Earth), and after a similar dialog that is in currently at the ending, Shepard kills him or if he lets him, TIM tries to control Harbinger and dies in the process. Another indoctrinated dream occurs, probably somewhat similar to the current god-child ending, but Shepard isn’t given the option to destroy the reapers (this is the last attempt of Harbinger to bring down Shepard and indoctrinate him, endings similar with the current ones are seen, only blue and green, but then, after the Normandy’s landing on that random planet, a Critical Mission Failure message is seen). If Shepard does not agree with the god-child its voice turns to that of a reaper (Harbinger), thereby exposing himself, after that it tries to lecture Shepard into submission, thereby explaining the motives of the Reapers (which are at first hearing seem very selfish, and arrogant, seeing themselves as vastly superior to any other form of life, current war is seen as the only war needed to have 50.000 years of peace, etc.)

A single creator race of both all organic life and the reapers is suggested. Upon further dialog Shepard learns that there once was a single organic race in the universe, and having practically unlimited time and resources, it got to a technological singularity, (when they created a synthetic race that became superintelligences because of their ability to design successive generations of themselves with increasingly powerful minds, effectively creating greater-than-any-organic intelligence). When this new synthetic race plateaued (at a very high level) they realized that by harvesting organics they could better themselves even further by using the variety of viable DNA strains produced by the organics through recombination and mutation (they didn’t hesitate to harvest organics, as the wish to better themselves was of prime importance). In the following war, the organics lost almost instantly to the synthetics that have become the Reapers. By seeding other planets with life, that very old organic species has made a last desperate attempt in hopping that future species that would evolve from these ‘seeds’ could be able to destroy the reapers. They themselves failing to do so were turned into the keepers (this explains a single origin of life, both organic and synthetic, and a keeper-reaper antithesis, with reapers being indeed highly evolved and beyond human or any organic understanding). The reapers found that there is a certain point in time where it is best to harvest organics, because they were not learning much from unicellular organisms for example, and that at a certain point, civilizations would eventually reach another technological singularity, a thing that was seen as the only threat to the reapers. This was happening about 50000 years apart.

Shepard is offered the possibility to control (transfer his consciousness into) another human-reaper currently being finalized (because of having proven himself as being the most worthy of his race). By this, he is promised great power, immortality and insight of the universe inimaginable to a meager mortal organic life. If he accepts, cut-scenes show every race destroyed, and the armada of reapers returning to dark-space, with a human reaper by the side of Harbinger. For each ‘dissimulation’ and ‘temptation’ so far made by Harbinger, Shepard needs more reputation. A high paragon score lets him answer in an appropriate manner (about how important life is for him and all organics as it is now, etc), while a high renegade score lets him use interrupts in which he calls Reapers greedy, evil, and ultimately wrong, saying he will do anything to destroy them.

Finally, after rejecting the last offer, Shepard manages to destroy Harbinger’s AI core, gives EDI some basic control of it (only movement and access, which is used to exit the reaper, the weapon for some reason isn’t functional), flies to the Citadel and activates the catalyst and destroys the reapers. This happens if the war assets score is higher the minimum, otherwise, the Crucible gets destroyed, and a similar image with the Reaper armada is seen. Otherwise Shepard might die from his wounds overlooking the saved earth and all the other races’ flotillas from a combination of not enough reputation and wounds received inside the reaper (he had no shield there so the number of life segments left would matter), or he might be rescued ‘just in time’ by Normandy’s crew.

Some epilogue follows, in which all important characters (crew or not) because of various assets/reputation/’Shepard’s relation to’ might be confirmed dead in a short explanation of the moment of battle when they died (mostly heroic stuff), or might be given another story (ex.: Garrus&Shepard drinking cold ones on a beach (maybe also with Shepard’s LI), with a destroyed reaper near the horizon, if everything is done right). One could even keep the grandfather-kid storytelling, it doesn’t really matter, but I don’t see it as adding much to the ending.